About Cabo Solar


Hello, my name is Roger Hildebrand and my Company name is Cabo Solar.


We supply high quality Canadian content certified Poly and Mono crystalline photo voltaic solar panels and micro inverters to the North American solar panel market!


Our DIY price is

$3200.00 for a 1KW- 4 panel unit

$3000.00/KW for a 4KW- 16 panel unit

$2800.00/KW for a 10KW- 40 panel unit.





$2100.00 for a 3/4KW- 3 panel unit

$20,000.00 for a 7.5KW- 30 panel unit




There are cheaper Chinese systems on the market today but they are flimsy, not guaranteed vey long and do not conform to Canadian Content laws and therefore do not qualify for installation in Canada.


The best inverters available on the market today would be Enphase micro inverters out of California. These inverters allow for smooth efficient conversion of the solar rays to clean useful power without loss of voltage.


Call 416-893-2701 in Canada or 624-104-3815 in Mexico


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Power companies in around the world fail to maintain expensive infrastructure and enhance shareholder returns as electricity prices are going up steadily. Furthermore Enbridge Gas in Canada just was approved for a 40% price increase effective April 01, 2014 of their natural gas supply. With Nat Gas being the only other viable semi-clean alternative to coal during peak demand times, there will undoubtedly be an increase in the coming months for another sharp rate hike in electricity supply.


The use of fossil fuels brings bad reputation to the country as eco-warriors around the world strongly criticize their impact to our environment. Coal pollution from power stations in Canada and using stove oil to burn to make electricity in Mexico are the worst greenhouse gas polluting methods of electricity production in the world today. You can smell the hydro generation facility 400 miles north of Los Cabos, Mexico with a slight north wind. I would hate to live near it. In Ontario Canada, the provincial government is trying to close the last facility and do away with the dirty hydro.


Global climate change is also currently a big challenge and one of the effective solutions is to minimize the use of fossil fuels of any type in producing electricity. Renewable energy helps lessen the climate crisis.


The Ontario government now encourages the use of solar power as the main source of electricity and people in the country are now taking advantage of the incentives of switching to solar-powered electricity. Investing in renewable energy brings economic, environmental and practical benefits. But more than these things, we can show the world our commitment towards better awareness on climate change, greener community and jobs creation hoping to inspire others around the world and help create better environment for our future.


Cabo Solar offers high quality, affordable solutions on renewable energy supply. We provide quick and very easy to assemble instructions for the do it yourself of individual. You don't need to be a licensed electrician, slightly useful with tools is always an asset but this system is so easy to install you just have to plug it in to a 110 volt power outlet and watch the meter reverse.


Most of our systems are so easy to install that they will take less than a day and do not need ongoing maintenance because of our unique combination of a straightforward approach, precision installation and support.


We help you make money on those sunny days and that's worth getting out of bed for!!!